Let's show Maricopa County that the eyes of the nation are watching them!


Take a picture with a sign that reads “The Eyes of [insert state/city/college/etc.] are watching you Maricopa County”

email the image with the following hashtag: #CountEveryVote" & mention @PromiseAZAction to info@promiseazaction.org

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Join Us! VOTING RIGHTS RALLY today at 4pm

I was one of thousands of voters who were given a provisional ballot on Election day, even though I had my voter ID card and my Driver License in hand. I got to the polling location and they told me I was not on the list.

Voting Rights RallyI was shocked. There I was, holding my registration card, issued only last year. They forced me to vote with a provisional ballot. My vote could be one of hundreds of thousands still waiting to be counted.

Apparently, records of my registration were somehow dropped from their system. Had I not kept my card, been persistent, and patient, my vote would never have been counted. Thanks to the work we are all doing together, the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office is feeling the heat. Through daily rallies, a 24/7 prayer vigil, thousands of petition signatures and continuous local and national media coverage (check out the latest Rachel Maddow episode dedicated to this issue!), we’re demanding their respect. But we won’t give them a break until they count every vote.

Will you join me TODAY at 4PM in front of the Maricopa County Recorders Office at time? 111 S. 3rd Ave. Phoenix AZ (3rd Ave and Jefferson St.)

Hundreds will join us to tell Maricopa County: We demand a fair election system!

Remember, this isn’t about who won the election. It’s about the right of each voter to a fair election. Let’s make sure this inexcusable mess never happens again.

See you at the rally,

Dan Becerra
Maricopa County Voter

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It's not over yet: 300,000 votes not yet counted

The President won tonight on the strength of the Latino vote; nationally Latino voter turnout was 26% higher than in 2008; Latinos in Arizona came out in record numbers. We were the most enthusiastic group of Latino voters in the country. Yet in neighborhood after neighborhood, voters were forced to use provisional ballots in Arizona. What this means is that the race isn’t over yet.

The County Recorder will begin counting over 150,000 provisional ballots and over 150,000 early ballots at 8am tomorrow, Wednesday, November 7, 2012.

And we’re going to be there. Promise Arizona in Action and the Adios Arpaio Campaign will be sending observers to make sure EVERY provisional ballot is counted.


We might not know for hours, or even for days just who won the Sheriff’s race or the Senate race, which were both only separated by 90,000 votes.

If you were one of the hundreds of thousands of voters who were forced to use provisional ballots or encountered problems at the polls, let us know. Tell us what happened by emailing info@promiseaz.org. Please include your phone number.

Be proud of your work. We ran one of the most aggressive Latino voter registration and turnout campaigns in the country, and we did it through the power of thousands of dedicated volunteers.

Now let’s roll up our sleeves. We have work yet to do.

Petra Falcón

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Join Us! Tonight to Celebrate Record Turnout of Latino Voters

There's a Party Tonight!

Please join the Adios Arpaio campaign as we celebrate our volunteers and their work to register and engage Arizona's Latino community in today's historic election.  Together with our partners in the Campaign for Arizona's Future and Unite Here, we registered over 34,000 people, knocked on 85,000 doors and contacted 200,000 voters.

Promise Arizona in Action is happy to invite you to celebrate with our friends and our counterparts from the Campaign for Arizona’s Future.

What: Election Night Community Celebration

Where: Rosson House, 115 North 6th St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

When: Tuesday, Nov 6th, 2012, 7:30 pm

Who: Hundreds of youth volunteers, community leaders, elected officials

See you there!

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