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commented 2017-01-11 16:01:36 -0700
commented 2016-11-30 13:44:15 -0700
I am writing on behalf of the League of Women Voters of AZ (LWVAZ) to invite all those involved with Promise AZ to a “Voters’ Rights Summit: Removing Barriers to the Ballot Box” to be held on January 7, 2017 at ASU West in Glendale, AZ. Is there an email to which I can send an invitation? We would very much like to have the community with which Promise AZ is involved attend the Summit, share their experiences with voting and help create a consensus as to where do we go from here to most effectively remove barriers to the ballot box.
commented 2016-08-29 20:11:16 -0700
Are you looking for volunteers in Tucson to help get out the vote? I am bilingual, well read and interested in defeating Donald Trump. I can be available from Sept. 22 until the election. Please let me know who I should contact to help. Home phone 520-577-3123.
commented 2016-03-29 19:41:14 -0700
commented 2014-10-07 19:22:10 -0700
I spent some time at the Central & Rozer location yesterday and took pictures which I will post on my website, I am attaching some for your use good luck on your voter registration drive. Know you have supporters in Illinois. Pics will be sent to media email address.
commented 2013-10-21 16:39:40 -0700
I volunteer some of my time to help nonprofits with their websites. I worked in IT for 23 years and was a professional webmaster too. I’ve helped eight organizations so far. Do you have any interest in getting a new website for free? I just helped an animal shelter and their site is really nice now. I helped a women’s center before that.


Jessica Graham
commented 2013-05-20 16:55:27 -0700
I’m at the Margaret T Hance park and I am declaring myself the next president of the World and I’m going to show everyone how to do the same thing. I just sent Obama a message stating this and now I’m contacting my new media contacts and my new cabinet and we are turning this park into the new White House! Look at it, the way it’s designed I can explain it all. A cuban cigar was handed to a new friend of mine from a total stranger and all of a sudden I figured it all out. Spread the word! Spread the word!
commented 2013-05-14 14:30:12 -0700
There is an Aides of March walk on Saturday May 18th coming through Phoenix to the Civic Space park at Van Buren and Central. There will also be a picnic at the Margaret T Hance park put on by Occupy Erica at 6:00 PM. This will be an every 2 weeks picnic where we hope to have thousands of people show up and share ideas and think of new ways we can create the world we want to live in. We’ve already put a game plan together at and on What we need now is all of your great ideas and contacts to make this happen and bring more people into this united activist group where all of our directions we are going in can have a huge audience to talk to. Perhaps it will turn into an activist festival which will lead to the creation of a whole new society. Check out the game plan and help us help you make the world a better place for us all to live in. I just talked to the Salvation Army and they’re going to help me put this together every step of the way to the point where whoever donates to this program can completely stop paying their state taxes and I’m not sure but it might work at the federal level too. We will also be able to tear down the corporations or force them to change with everything that we’re doing. I need you to help me make this event as big as possible. I’m contacting the news stations and everything just need you to organize your people.
commented 2013-02-21 08:31:05 -0700
commented 2013-01-19 13:40:38 -0700
As a member of League of Women Voters, I have joined the Arizona Voters Coalition to help fix the current problems with provisional ballots – We want to reduce the number of such ballots, reduce those rejected, and reduce delays at the polls. We’ve had one meeting with Rep. Chad Campbell. If your organization would like to work with us, please respond to me or to the leader of AZ Voters Coalition ( Other groups in the Coalition: Arizona Advocacy Network, ACLU, Mi Familia Vota, and others.
commented 2012-12-21 15:46:38 -0700
My name is Jill Morley and I am working with Davis Guggenheim (“The

Inconvenient Truth”) on a documentary about the Dream Act.

We are looking for dreamers who are willing to take part in an

interactive campaign as well as the film before this bill hopefully passes.

Your group came highly recommended and we would love to help you to

amplify your voice with this movement.

In particular, we are looking for dreamers who got into a college

early admissions but are not sure they can afford it.

We are also looking for college grads who are getting recruited by top

companies but cannot work.

People who want to be in the military but cannot because of their status.

A dreamer who took their degree out of the country and is now running

a successful business.

Please let me know if you would like to be involved in this project.

I look forward to hearing back from you!
Thanks so much!


> 917-445-5078
commented 2012-11-08 01:59:42 -0700
Just a thought—if you haven’t contacted the DoJ directly, you probably should. The petition to Maricopa County is a good thing to do, but it almost certainly won’t be enough. The Feds need to be involved right away.
commented 2012-11-07 05:21:27 -0700
Hello there, I’m a photographer in the Phoenix area and was reading the Fox10 news where they featured your story. I wanted to know if you have any events coming up where you’d like photographs taken. I’ve done some events in the area including art walks and marathons and I want to offer my services to your cause. Take a look at my portfolio and let me know what you think :)
commented 2012-10-19 10:12:54 -0700
Unfortunately I am not in AZ at this time. I will return to AZ on Nov.3 so I will be unable to volunteer. However, I could help on election day
commented 2012-10-09 17:08:36 -0700
where can i get an adios arpaio shirt!!??
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