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Pledge to Stand with Immigrant Families: Demand Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Ever since my Grandfather who was raising me and my brother got deported, our lives have not been the same. I want my Grandfather back. And no family should have to go through what my family is going through. So since spring, I spent every afternoon and weekend volunteering with my 13-year-old brother Luis. We walked door to door all summer in the heat, and worked hard all these months to get our community registered and out to vote.

I can’t believe we are all still waiting to find out which candidates won in Arizona.

But I already know who the real winners are. It’s us.

What Luis and I worked so hard for feels really close now. Because we voted, our community has the power now to win real immigration reform.

I got started volunteering because of my grandfather was taken away from us. He worked so hard to raise my brother and me. All he was doing was supporting our family. I don’t want other families to have to go through what my family is still going through. So even though I am only 15 years old, I know I can fight. I fight for him - and for all the families in Arizona, and across the country.

Please sign this pledge to stand with me and all immigrant families to demand comprehensive immigration reform.

I hope you can join me and my brother in what we need to do next.

: )

Jaquelyn, Age 15 
Promise Arizona in Action

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YES! I will pledge to stand withJaquelyn, and immigrant families to demand comprehensive immigration reform.

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Would my friends please sign and volunteer

Im a grand mother to 3 beautiful children. Im blessed to still have my father. and to have the love from Davi. Marcella and Jennifer.who always make time for me. and blessed with many sisters that always show love