November 20, 2012
Contact: Petra Falcon

Heading in the Right Direction: AZ Secretary of State Announces Intentions for Welcome Electoral Reforms

Now, Washington Needs to Avert Fiscal Cliff Quickly to Tackle Immigration Reform

Phoenix, AZ – Election Day that saw record numbers of Latino voters turn out at the polls was two weeks ago. As Thanksgiving approaches, tens of thousands of ballots have yet to be counted. After two weeks of rallies, vigils, and actions by community organizations including Promise Arizona and Promise Arizona in Action, the AZ Secretary of State Ken Bennett proposed welcome reforms to Arizona’s elections process. The following is a statement by Petra Falcon, Executive Director of Promise Arizona and Promise Arizona in Action:

“It is mind-boggling that here in America, the greatest democracy in the world, we have to put up with a elections system in Arizona that requires more than two weeks to count all the ballots.

With his proposal to overhaul Arizona’s elections process, Secretary of State Ken Bennett seems to agree with all the new Latino voters we registered, and all the voters who encountered problems at the polls who are upset about this. Arizona needs an overhaul, and we need it before even more of our voters go to the polls again in 2014.

We are glad that the State government is finally responding to what our voters are demanding, and is moving toward addressing these electoral problems without getting mired in partisanship. Now it’s time for our federal delegation to hear what Arizona voters want – cooperation and bipartisanship to address our country’s priorities.

Arizona will be sending five Democratic and four Republican Representatives to Congress. Arizona is a purple state, to a large degree because Latino voters in Arizona are now engaged in the political process. It is time for Arizona’s Congressional delegation to represent not just the voters in their respective parties, but to speak for all of their constituents, and stop their reckless driving that is steering the country closer and closer to the fiscal cliff.

It’s time for our Arizona Senators and their newly elected colleagues in the House in both parties to avert the fiscal cliff already. Only by moving quickly can they hope to have enough momentum and political capital to address Arizona’s urgent need for a humane comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families together and paves a road to citizenship for all immigrant families across America, aspiring to be proud American citizens.”


Promise Arizona in Action is dedicated to expanding civic participation in Arizona, particularly among Latinos and youth. Promise Arizona in Action is an organization driven by values. We value civic participation, community engagement and leadership development, particularly among the growing youth and Latino population in the state.

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